International Forwarding Instruction – Air Freight

Please fill in the below information, if you have any questions please call +61 3 8840 7401 for further assistance.


Section 1: Related Parties

Consignor / Shipper: Input name, full address and contact details of the supplier or shipper.

Consignee: Input name, full address and contact details of the ultimate party responsible for receipt of cargo at destination.

Notify Party: Input name, full address and contact details of party to be informed of the cargo’s arrival at destination.

Pick-up Address: Input address where cargo needs to be collected.

Insurance Required: Please select Yes/NO accordingly.

CAN/EDN: Custom Authority Number / Export Declaration Number. Please select Shipper or Freight-World.

Section 2: Carrier & Location

Input name of Vessel, Port of Loading / Discharge and destination if known.

Section 3: Details of Cargo

Marks & Numbers: Input any markings labelled on the cargo.

Packs / Description of Goods: Input name and short description of the cargo.

VGM (Verified Gross Mass): Please select Shipper or Freight-World (VGM is cargo weight + packaging + tare weight of empty container (Sea Only)) Or Input in the below text box if known.

KG: Input gross weight of cargo.

M3: Input total volume (CBM) or dimensions of cargo.

Section 4: Incoterms

Signature, date and full name of authorised individual attesting to the information provided above.

*Important* Additional Documents Required

Please send us a copy of the documents below in addition to the Forwarding Instructions once submitted.
Additional documents can be emailed to

– Commercial Invoice
– Packing List
– Certificate of Origin (If required)
– Fumigation Certificate (If required)