Forwarding Instruction – Road Freight

Please fill in the below information, if you have any questions please call +61 3 8840 7401 for further assistance.


Section 1: Related Parties

Pick-up Details: Full address of the pick-up location and contact details of the person on site.

Delivery Details: Full address of the delivery location and contact details of the person on site.

Special Instructions: Any special instructions upon pick up or delivery, or specific handling instructions of the goods.

Requested Delivery Date: Your preferred date for delivery.

Section 2: Shipment Details

Sender Reference: Input any applicable reference for this consignment i.e. job references, con-note numbers, etc.

No. of Pieces and Dimensions: Input the dimensions and weight of the cargo in detail i.e. dimensions and weight of each package/pallet.

Description of Cargo: Brief description of the cargo in this consignment.

Volume: Input total volume in cubic metres based on the dimensions of your cargo.

Section 3: Hazardous Cargo Details – please disregard this section if not applicable

Dangerous Goods Description: Details of your dangerous cargo as per your Material Safety Data Sheet.

UN Number: Input UN Number reference for each of your dangerous goods within the consignment.

Class: Input the Class of your dangerous goods as per the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.

UN Packing Group: Input the UN Packing Group for your dangerous goods.

Section 4: Submission of Forwarding Instructions

Signature, date and full name of authorised individual attesting to the information provided above.

*Important* Additional Documents Required

Please send us a copy of the documents below in addition to the Forwarding Instructions once submitted.
Additional documents can be attached below or emailed to

– Labels/Consignment Notes/Delivery Docket
– Delivery Order
– Material Data Safety Sheet (If required)
– Dangerous Goods Notice (If required)